Stunning Fish Species That Can Be Cool Pets

Here are some beautiful freshwater fish species that you can keep as pets! 

Discus: Discus are native to the Amazon river delta, but they prefer the calmer waters near the river’s edge, where fallen branches and trees provide cover. There are many color and pattern variations available due to captive breeding, but the discus is easily identified by its flattened, “disk” shaped body, big dorsal fins, and red or yellow eyes. They are lovely fish to maintain, but their maintenance is a little more demanding than that of certain hardier species, therefore they are best suited to more experienced hobbyists. Discus are another exotic freshwater fish that can be kept with other fish, but they do best in their own tank. 

Zebra Plecostomus (Zebra pleco): Zebra Plecostomus, like several other exotic freshwater fish, are native to the Amazon River’s tributaries. This pleco is a type of bottom-dwelling catfish that, as you might expect, has zebra-like black and white stripes. These fish are most active at night, and they thrive in a tank with a few other zebra plecos. They are quiet fish, however they are not good tank mates for other fish. 

African Butterflyfish (freshwater): The African Butterflyfish has a long and illustrious history: it is one of the oldest living fish species, with morphology that has remained the same for over 100 million years! When viewed from above, these exotic fish resemble butterflies, and their lengthy dorsal, ventral, and caudal fins add to the illusion. Their jaws are permanently tilted in a “frown” suited to collect insects and small fish that live at the surface of the water. African butterflyfish are mottled and dark brown in color to mix well with the surrounding vegetation. The African butterflyfish can live in groups, however they usually do so with other butterflyfish. 

Flowerhorn Cichlid (also known as Flower Horn): Flowerhorn cichlids are one of the most distinctive freshwater fish due to their appearance, which includes a big “horn”-like protrusion on the front of their heads, which also gives them their name. These fish, however, are well-known for more than simply their aesthetics; they also have a unique personality! They are curious, interactive fish who have been known to interact with their owners, and some even enjoy being pet! Flowerhorn cichlids, which come in a range of colors and patterns but almost always have a brilliant red “horn,” will also offer a splash of color to your tank. They have the potential to live happily and healthily for up to 12 years! 

Dwarf Puffer: The most adorable fish on the exotic freshwater list is the dwarf puffer fish. These tiny creatures are only 1 to 2.5 inches long, yet they’re full of personality and charm! Dwarf puffers are found solely in southwestern India (particularly, the Pamba River), which is a freshwater river. Dwarf puffers have greenish brown bellies, yellow-white bellies, and eyes that move independently (like a chameleon).